NEW! Cultural Intelligence Institute now operating in both the National Capital Region and Honolulu, Hawaii,
 expanding our global reach!


MBA students under the leadership of Professor Constancio Paranal at the University of Hawaii - Manoa are supporting Cultural Intelligence Institute's effort to expand its outreach and communication.


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Cultural Intelligence Institute

- Cultural Intelligence Institute is responding to the "pivot" to Asia-Pacific, by bringing its headquarters back to Honolulu, Hawaii and co-locating with its National Capital Region office.

- Cultural Intelligence Institute recently completed an effort to support the US Army Corps of Engineers to develop a "big data" project for cultural reasoning, applying advanced technology techniques to sociocultural research.

- Nuclear physicist Yousaf Butt, our Director of Emerging Technologies, is developing a global symposium of leaders to discuss how emerging technologies affect world cultures.

- New application and opportunities for Visiting Fellows and Interns.

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